Scholarship Program

The Ephrata Alumni Association is supported by a group of individuals who wish to acknowledge students who are academically successful, as well as actively involved in school and community activities, by presenting yearly scholarships. A committee, appointed by the Association President, will administer the scholarship program.

The Ephrata Alumni Association Scholarship Committee will meet prior to the Annual Meeting in March of each year to review requirements for the current years’ scholarship applicants. The committee will recommend the number and dollar amount of scholarship(s) to be presented to Ephrata High School graduating senior(s). This information will be presented at the association’s Annual Meeting.

The chairperson of the scholarship committee will work with the counselors at Ephrata High School to provide a list of scholarship requirements and supply information and application forms to interested students. The information will be posted on the school’s website and be available for consideration by all seniors attending the school. Applications are to be received by school counselors at a pre-determined date and will be forwarded to the Ephrata Alumni Association selection committee.

The members of the Ephrata Alumni Association scholarship selection committee will meet to consider applications and determine the applicant(s) who they deem worthy of receiving the association-funded scholarship(s). Date of announcement and presentation of scholarships will be determined by Ephrata High School administrators.

2024 Application Requirements

Applications containing the following are to be received by school counselors by April 12, 2024 and will be forwarded to the Ephrata Alumni Association selection committee:

Scholarship Recipients

For information on the recipients of Ephrata Alumni Association Scholarships, click here:





Scholarship Recipient Updates


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