Sage ‘N Sun Festival
Parade and Celebration

June 8, 2013

Whether it is the parade of the Sun Festival, Sagebrush Olympics, or any other designator it is always a special event with Ephrata residents, both old and young, lining sunny Basin Street. The EHS-100 Reunion committee’s entries were selected to lead off the parade following the color guard. Bill Robinson and Elaine Porter, both EHS ’38, served as the Grand Marshals. They planned to drive the parade route in Bill’s 1938 truck but he couldn’t get it started and almost missed the parade! He arrived in his antique automobile just as the Ephrata High School Band struck up their music.

Next, Joan Burd Archer, Ephrata High School’s May Queen of 1943, was scheduled to ride in a 1978 Corvette convertible owned by Dave Mayer – EHS ’80. Unfortunately she was not able to appear so a substitute appeared in her place…Gratia Davis Wright – EHS ’54. When Gratia was asked to substitute she said, “I’ve never been a queen before.” The EHS-100 Reunion committee was happy to give her that opportunity and she rose to the occasion.

Next up… The jeep of Denver Morford – EHS ’93 was all deck out for the Class of 2013 which had graduated the night before. Members of the class were determined to participate in the parade, but unfortunately not enough determination to get out of bed at 10:00am after a long night and early morning at the senior party. The Tiger mascot was recruited to take their places.

Ephrata High School student leaders, dressed in their orange EHS-100 shirts, walked along this entry throughout the parade route handing out candy and greeting all the youngsters. (Even though they were specifically advised to be sparing with the candy distribution, their candy bags were empty half-way through the parade.) For whatever reason, the EHS-100 Reunion’s contribution to the parade earned third-place honors and we hadn’t even signed up to be judged! The kids were happy with the award!

Denver graciously supplied a brand new pickup from his business to be used as a float featuring signs with reunion information.

The Tiger band, cheerleaders, and drill team displayed their “Tiger Pride”. It was a fun being in the parade. We gave the citizens of Ephrata a sample of what a good time the EHS-100 Reunion celebration will be!

Courthouse Information Table

Members of the EHS-100 Reunion Committee, Gail Smith, Barb Deycous, Greg Harvill, and Beverly Mayer, spent Saturday afternoon, June 8th, participating in the festivities happening on the lawn of the Grant County Courthouse. The committee was kept busy informing festival goers about the 2014 reunion at Ephrata High School. A number of Ephrata alumni stopped to visit, purchase available past-years annuals, donate to the reunion expense fund, and list their names on the e-mail list of the EHS-100 Reunion.

The official poster of the 100-year reunion was on display and it was noted that it would be available for purchase starting in September. Merchandise, including hats and shirts, were also on display and were available through the Ephrata Athletic Club/Sole Performance in Ephrata.

Information regarding membership in the Ephrata Alumni Association was distributed to members of the community. Alumni, as well as Ephrata High School supporters who are welcome as associates, were encouraged to join the association and support the reunion and scholarships for future Ephrata graduates. Life-time members of the association will be presented a 12” x 18”copy of the 2014 reunion poster which is suitable for framing.

Courthouse Ceremony

EHS-100 Reunion Chairperson Beverly Mayer was honored by the Ephrata School District when Superintendent Dr. Jerry Simon awarded her the 2013 Washington Association of School Administrator’s (WASA) Community Leadership Award in recognition of her outstanding community leadership and contributions to the improvement of Public Education. Simon indicated, “For years Bev has been active in recording and celebrating local-area history. In addition, she has contributed her time with elementary students creating programs and costumes commemorating historical events and has created many costumes for high school plays and events. Beginning as an Ephrata High student, and then as a mother and grandmother of Ephrata graduates, she has always been a strong supporter of the school’s activities. As chairperson of the EHS-100 Reunion committee she is drawing upon her past experiences with centennial projects – the celebration of the Mayer family farm’s homestead filing and the celebration of the creation of Grant County.” (Beverly’s response: “I am pleased to receive this award but no recognition is necessary, I’m just doing what I like to do. I usually have some kind of “project” in the works and right now I am happy to be a part of the reunion committee.”)

During this ceremony an official invitation was extended to the Ephrata community to participate in the activities planned up to and during the 100-year reunion. The continued growth and success of the Ephrata School District is due in part to the passage of levies and the support of school activities by the people of Ephrata; the invite was appropriate.

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