Governing Rules

  1. Members. The Associationís membership shall be limited to graduates from Ephrata High School. Supporters of Ephrata High School may receive an associate membership.

  2. Board of Directors. The Association is under the business direction of nine (9) Board of Director members who hold office for one (1) year. An election of the board members will take place at Annual Meetings. Board members meet in session to elect officers.

  3. Meetings. An Annual Meeting of membership is set for the second Monday of March of each year. Board of Directors meetings, membership meetings, and committee meetings may be called at the discretion of the board president, as well as, members of the board.

  4. Dues.
    (a) Lifetime Membership is a one-time fee of $100.00 and is accepted at any date.
    (b) Annual Membership is a yearly fee of $10.00 which is due during the month of January of each succeeding year. New Annual Memberships received during the year are in effect from date of enrollment until the next January.

  5. Association Funds. Membership dues and donations will be used to fund (a) scholarships to be presented to Ephrata High School graduating seniors, and (b) other purposes to benefit Ephrata High School.

  6. Committees.
    (a) A Scholarship Committee shall meet to consider scholarship applications from graduating seniors of Ephrata High School and determine recipients based on set criteria.
    (b) A Membership Committee shall work towards increasing membership in the Association.
    (c) A nominating/election committee will seek nominations from association membership for board member positions and conduct the board member election from the nominated members.

Questions regarding the alumni association can be directed to Michael Lehmann, EHS Alumni Association President.

President Michael Lehmann EHS í57

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